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Welcome to Bristol Co-Counselling

What is co-counselling?

Co-counselling is a highly effective tool for personal development and it is free.

Who is it for?
Co counselling is for anyone who wants and is ready to make changes in their life to realise their potential, increase their life skills and gain personal support.

What can co-counselling can help you with?
It can help you:
  • Accept your feelings and recognises that appropriate expression of emotions can be healing;
  • Come to terms with your past and your present;
  • Get in touch with underlying self limiting thoughts, and lift you out of your worries;
  • Harness your emotions to help inform your lives rather than being overwhelmed or driven by them;
  • Relate with others more clearly and effectively by communicating your emotions in ways that improve rather than impair interpersonal relationships;
Is it only for people with problems?
Co-counselling can certainly help at times when there are troubles in your life, but it also can help with on-going emotional well being – like going to the gym for physical well being.
Co-counselling also encourages us to celebrate and affirm the good things about ourselves, others and our environment. Learn to give and receive praise, to openly express appreciation, and to view life positively.

Who organises Co Counselling?
Co Counselling International (UK) is a remarkable organisation. It is a peer organisation, that is everyone has equal status, and it aims to avoid all forms of authoritarian control. Much of CCI, particularly in the UK, has no formal organisation. Nevertheless, a lot gets organised, mainly on the basis of individuals and groups taking responsibility and getting things done. In the UK there are a wide range of activities to support co-counsellors and co-counselling.

What is happening in Bristol?
There are a number of co-counsellors who meet to have one to one "sessions” and we meet as a group at regular community days where we undertake personal development activities and have fun.  We also run training courses (see below).

How do I get involved?
You will need to attend a Basic Training Course where you learn how to co-counsel.  After the course you will be able join a local group and access the wider Co-Counselling community and its range of low cost national and international activities.  Co-Counselling itself is a free exchange on a peer basis.

Where can I find out more?
Please contact Celia Wilson if you want to know about learning to co-counsel.
Email: Celia or phone 07712 168897

For existing co-counsellors who want to join the Bristol community please  Owen Email: Owen

In summary
Co-counselling is a powerful opportunity to develop self-awareness, authenticity and personal strength.